Let us build our dreams together. Join the Dream Builders of Island Pacific.

From a small grocery store in 2000, Island Pacific has become the fastest growing Filipino American/Asian supermarket chain in America. In the past 2 years alone, we have opened 12 new stores in California, Nevada and Washington states, doubling our stores to 24.

Through the years, we have seen so many of our dreams turn into realities – corporately and personally. We’re still building dreams together, as we keep building stores. Come join us and live your dreams!

"Island Pacific has given me a satisfying career, a home away from home, great friends for life and most of all, a US citizenship. Thanks to Island, I’m living the American Dream".

Chito Casimiro
Regional Manager

“I love my job because I love the people I work with. The Bayanihan spirit of helping each other is strong here. Come and be part of the Dream Team here in Island! Sali na!”

Raine Andaya
Human Resource Generalist

"I was in my teens when I joined Island in 2002 and I never looked back. This is where I have built my dream career. The workplace is fun, never boring. The people are friendly and enthusiastic.

There’s so much room for growth and there’s room for you and your dreams here at Island Pacific!"

Conrad Gatus
Meat Merchandiser

“I think the dream job is an exciting job in an exciting company. We’re all excited at the amazing fast pace of Island’s growth in the last few years.

So if you’re looking for a dream job to fast track your career, promote yourself! Join us!”

Javier Bravo
Produce Merchandiser

"I’ve dreamed of a job that would be satisfying and fun in a company that takes care of its employees.

I found this when I joined Island Pacific over 9 years ago. Now, I’m living the dream!"

Dovy Ballutay
Area Manager

“The way to great success is to dream big! To never settle for the average. We at Island are expanding our horizons to become a leader in the grocerant business- running successful groceries and restaurants. Soar to new heights with us as we turn our dreams into prosperous careers!”

Ding Razon
Head of Food Services

“Join us at Island Pacific and see your dreams come true. Live the life you dream of living. Work in a job you enjoy doing and be with people you’ll love having as friends.”

Oscar Herrin
Vice President
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